NRC Full Form | What was the reasons behind NRC since 1971?

The NRC full form stands for The National Registered of Citizens. It is the simple register for the citizens prominently this rule levy in India.

The National Registered NRC full form is the official registry for the population who are generally residing in India having long time citizenship.

NRC Full form purposing for proper identification of genuine citizens of India and for the departure of illegal migrants from the country that considered in list.

At present, this type of registry only applicable in Assam. The major protest for NRC full form, CAA full form, or CAB from Assam had to be seen in passing days.

Brief Overview of NRC Full Form:

Registry of NRC that contains all the pertinent information, possible identification, and names of the person who are legally citizen and until alive and reside from the passing time.

Through the NRC Government gets all collective information from the people which is proof for them to prove legal citizens.

The Assam was having significant difficulty in illegal migrants since 1971 and also from the time of British Indians before 1950.

This registry levied as per the Constitutional Act of India, i.e., Citizenship Act 1955, first was implemented in Assam.

After that decided to extend the whole of India in 2019.


The Citizenship Act 1955 amendment in 2003 is mandatory for citizens of India to prove there significant Citizenship of residency in India.

The NRC list on the mandated Citizenship Act 1955 requires the necessary documentation for Citizenship from the Indian people.

The Nrc register was first to prepare in 1951 and until it is updated on 20 November 2019 later as an announcement of Honorable Home Minister Amit Shah.


The Home Minister respected Amit Shah; the list of NRC decided to the extent to the whole India, especially for those people that are illegal migrants from neighboring countries.

In the passing days, we got the news about the major protest against the Modi Government because of confliction in the misunderstanding of NRC, CAA, and CAB.

The Modi government plans to apply this registry rest of all countries. The Government of India intension to implement this to find out illegal Foreigners.

Illegal Migrants:

The Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) (IMDT) Act, the act was primarily enacted in the time of Honorable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1983.


Parliament of India after enactment of the IMDT Act 1983 in the period of Indira Gandhi Government struck it down by the Supreme Court in 2005.

The main reason for struck down the IMDT Act 1983, because this act made the most challenging to deport and identify illegal migrants.

The IMDT Act 1983 only implied for Assam for the detection of Illegal Migrants who are migrated from Bangladesh in 1971 after the war.

The detection of illegal foreigners throughout the country in all states except Assam done under The Foreigners Act, 1946.

The foreigners’ Act of 1946 defines foreigners means a person who is not an Indian citizen. The nationality of the accused person was not evident.

If the successful detection of suspected persons could be simply required to prepare Indian ration cards as evidence of Indian nationality.

In this foreigners Act, the procedure of deporting citizens has not included migration before 1971. After that system of illegal migrant deporting is challenging.

The Citizenship Act, 1955:

The Citizenship act as the citizenship given by birth in India, for all people who are residents of India on commencement of the Indian Constitution.

Part II, according to Article 5 of the Constitution of India citizenship, depends on residency in India and considered on person’s born place.

As per the demand of time, different changes made in the Citizenship Act 1955 in every new amendment various changes as per the requirement of law.

The first amendment, after the existence of the act of 1986, the citizen person considered based on the person should bear in India.

After that, in the first amendment, the Government made restrictions by adding a person born had one parent holding Indian Citizenship.

Further restriction in the 2003 amendment aspect that parent of the born person in India not to be an illegal immigrant, the Government proposes National Registered of Citizens.

For the mandatory NRC registry full form, the Government decided to rule out the whole of the country for foreigners.

In the last year new amendment of Citizenship Act 1955 present in the 2019 amendment many more changes discovered by the Government.

In the 2019 amendment discovery of new easier way for the priority of some minorities’ population, those are immigrants from India’s neighbor country.

Especially immigrants from three neighboring Muslim countries of India, i.e., Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

The illegal refugees from these three countries came in India for shelter, mainly minorities belong to Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Parsi, and Christians.

The Government of India announces to give Citizenship to the population of these countries relate to this community minority immigrant.

These two reasons have taken the biggest fire to protest against, and conflict produces between Government and populace people in India main in the Muslim community.

This protest is the root reason for the inconvenience in the Muslim minority community of India, that’s why in large scale objections made by people.

The reason behind of inconvenience in the Muslim community is they worry that the Government shall be taken away from their Citizenship from them.

Article 9 of the Constitution of India notified that the person held Citizenship in other countries; he was no longer a citizen of India.

Provisions of legal Citizenship:

  • When the Citizenship Launched:

The people living in India when the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 as well as people also from migrant of before partition of Pakistan they had acquired Indian Citizenship.

  • Born Citizenship:

After that 26 January 1950 and before 1986, the person born in India shall be taken Citizenship, but the new amendment in 1986, some restrictions implemented the Government.

Note: In the 2004 amendment, the certificate of birth, Adhaar card, and also passport not even useful in proving Citizenship unless one parent is not an Indian citizen.

NRC full form in Assam:

The North Eastern State of India in the State of Assam. The first state where NRC registry comes into force for the detection of genuine citizens.

The NRC list updated for the identification of persons who are also appearing in the list of 1951, they are still alive, and their successor is actual residence within the state.

The Supreme Court passed the order of the Assam Nrc updating process in 2013, later the date in 2019 the procedure done again.

As we see, the Assam is border state had an increasing problem of illegal migrants from the decade of 1951. According to the 1951 census, the first Nrc registry maintained this year, afterward, not maintained it again.

History of Assam:

In the period during the 19th and 20th centuries in British India, much more populace migrated in intermittent provinces after the Yandabo Treaty. 

  • Yandabo Treaty:

Yandabo Treaty is the peace of treaty signed between British and Burmese after the Anglo-Burmese War broke out on 5 March 1824.

The treaty signed on 24 February 1826 in the presence of the British military in Yandabo village near Ava capital Myanmar.

The British forcefully signed the treaty from the Burmese without any discussion on agreed terms, which suggested the British.

Some colonial authorities encourage people for immigration from Bengal to Assam in the searching of fertile land for farming.

After that 1950, the surged of Hindu Bengali people were migrated from Bangladesh. This migration in the period of Indira Gandhi Government.

This Hindu Bengali population came into India as a refugee and, after that, never returned in their own countries.

As the reason behind the indo-pak war and civil riots, the number of refugees and illegal migrants was from Bangladesh took shelter in Assam.

The state government of Assam as estimated around 5,00,000 migrants other than refugees reported in the period of formation of Bangladesh.

Even after that, the formation of Bangladesh and the end of Indo-Pak war migration continued in Assam illegally.

The Government of India already had impelled act the Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam) Act, 1950. This act mandated expulsion on illegal migrants.

Sincerely, detection of illegal migrants National Registered of Citizens (Full form of NRC) first prepared and conducted in Assam in 1951.

As soon as the illegal infiltration, this means to be a terrific problem in Assam as the reason behind political patronage made secure for migrants.

The Registrar General of census found in his report around 2, 20,691 infiltrators entered in Assam illegally; this was a formidable problem in front of the Government.

In 1976 Government of India has published in the notification, the state government of Assam restricted on the deportation of migrants entered before 1971.

Final NRC Updation in 2019 In Assam:

The final list of NRC disclosed by the Government on 31 August 2019, by clearing all regulatory procedure and works which necessarily follow for the list.

The around 3,30,27,661 persons applied to the registering authority, and out of 3,11,21,004 persons found eligible 19,06,657 persons not included in the final list of NRC.

The Nrc full form:

In the 2019 Indian General Elections’ manifesto, BJP Government had promised to implementation of NRC full form all over India.

The declaration about the NRC list throughout the country made in Rajya Sabha by the Honorable Home Minister Amit Shah on 19 November 2019.

On the rules specify in Citizenship Rules of 2003, the Central Government may issue an order of preparing the National Population Register (NPR).

The collecting information on National Population Register NPR full form, on the based data gathered from the NRC register, can be created.

After that, the further local officials may decide whose name will add in the list or not to be inclusive, and Citizenship depends on this procedure of a person considered in the 2003 amendment.

Governments Action for preparing National Register for Indian Citizens:
  • The Government enumerates house to house of people of India for rectifying specific particulars, as every family and individual, including their residing in India, the status of Citizenship.
  • The Register General of Citizens Registration enumerates the duration of enumeration in the Official Gazette.
  • For a reason behind of preparation of Local register of citizens, the information collected from each particular house of the country in population register shall be verified by the Local Registrar with other persons on the reference of Registrar General of Citizen Registration.
  • After that, the registration process is over the local register in his verification founds any suspicious family or individual inform those families in an appropriate proforma and also remarks in the population register.
  • As in notified rule, the suspicious family has given to opportunity being heard by the sub-district or Taluka registrar of citizen registration before to take any decision.
  • Within Ninety Days, the sub-district or Taluka registrar takes the final decision.

The Citizenship Act of India, 1955, notifies the mandatory registration of each individual of India, an explanation made by the Ministry of Home Affairs in December 2018.

NPR Full Form (National Population Register):

NPR’s full form is to be National Population Register is the list of all populations who are living in India, either they are citizens or non-citizens, define by the Minister of State for Home Affairs Kirren Rijiju.

The NPR registry is the first step towards the creating of the National Register of Indian Citizens NRIC. By verifying the significant Citizenship of Indian people.

The NPR’s listing done in sub-village/town, sub-district, district, and state and on the national level also as under of their registered Registrar.

The Honorable Home Minister Rajnath Singh on 18 June 2014, given the instructions that create the NRC registry on the based assumption of project NPR listing.

The Government has also declared several times that the Nrc registry based on the conclusion of NPR listing in the Parliament after completing the process of verification of individuals.

The first time Npr list prepared in 2010 with only names of around 119 Indian residents later date in 2015 it was again updated with biometric proof by linking to Adhaar Card.

In the future, NPR registering may also include data related to detailed information like the birthplace of parents, the last residency address, and the serial number of official documents.

Afterward, the procedure is done as per the documentation of NPR list the people listed as doubtful asking them to prove the Citizenship of India.

NRC full form in Worldwide:

NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council)


The NRC full form is covered under non-governmental organization working to protect the rights of the people that were illegally displaced from their own residency.

NRC full form refers to the Norwegian Refugee Council; the council helps those people that are a refugee or internally displaced persons as reasoning conflict raise in their residing territory.

The conflict, human rights violation, forcefully pressurize to flee out of the country, acute violence, and also it includes natural calamity or disaster these are the reasoning behind for displacement of the people from the territory.

NRC becomes an independent organization not affected by the religious motive. It is only an organization that specializes in an international effort; it means it works globally.

The NRC organization efforts against the people in the condition of displacement, they take curiosity for giving protection and try to reduce their difficulties.

The NRC organization spreads across the world in almost 31 countries it includes countries like Africa, Asia, America, and the Middle East.

The NRC involved approximately 14,450 staff members in all 31 countries, besides the organization having around net 280 employees.

Since the Norwegian association having actively present in countries like Brussels, Geneva, Washington, D.C., Berlin, Addis Ababa, and Dubai.

The establishment of the NRC association in 1946 as a reference as the prior name that “Aid of Europe,” for the assistance of refugees after World War II in Europe.

In 1953 the organization born with a new name i.e., Norwegian Refugee Organization an independent private foundation here the headquarters in Oslo in Norway.

Prominently, the organization force on humanitarian aid which means to take required caring and isolation of persons who passed from natural disaster and cause in displacement from his residential place.

Statutory Request:

The post information given from various guidelines its not means to touch any sensitive topic. We will hope its only given as information purpose.

Kindly requesting You.

What is NRC full form ?

The NRC full form stands for National Register of Citizens and the Norweign Refugee Council. The NRC in India considered to be in relation of citizenship of Indian people. While the Norweign Refugee Council is a non-governmental organization works to protect rights of refugee people in worldwide.

What is stand for in India ?

The NRC in India means the National Register of Citizens. Which priorly implemented in Assam to identify illegal immigrants. Now the demands increase to implement nationwide.

Is NRC whole of India ?

The respected Home minister Amit Shah said to be extend NRC whole of India especially for those refugee who came from neighboring country of India and that are illegal immigrants from passing decade.

Is the NPR and NRC related ?

The NPR and NRC relates to each other. The respected former Home Minister Rajnath Singh instructed on 18 June 2014 that the NRC registry prepare on assumption of NPR listing projection.

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