What is NPR full form ? | How it becomes calculated ?

The meaning of NPR full form as follows:

NPR full form is described as The National Population Registered, as we are very well known about this, that the population registry compulsory for every country.

NPR full form, the short meaning as we considered as the record maintain and constructed by the Government for actual counting of the population in their country.

NPR is a registry of a usual resident that is necessarily created by each country across the globe.

Worldwide population calculators are in various parameters, but India for this list concerns in name NPR.

Overview of the NPR full form:

  • What is NPR full form stand for?

The people who are residing in-country (India) either they are citizens or not citizens of the country their details contained in the separate registry; the registry is naming in India as National Population Register.

  • Definition Describe by:

Including citizens and not citizens, both are in the registry, the definition stated by the then respected Minister of State of Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju.

  • Date of Declaration of Definition:
npr-ful-form-national-population-register-on-26-november-2014-declared -by-government
npr-ful-form-national-population-register-on-26-november-2014-declared -by-government

The definition said by respected Kiren Rijiju in Rajya Sabha as a response, later it the Government officially on November 26, 2014, released.

  • NPR is the First Step:

The NPR is the first step put towards by the Government of India as along to creation for the National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC) by detecting citizenship status.

Provision for NPR full form List:

  • Minimum Having Six Months Residency:

Locally living people having a minimum six-month residency or if they extend for another six months or more, those are agreed to involve in the NPR list.

  • Provisioning Acts for NPR list:

The NPR registry gets prepared under the Citizenship Act 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003, at the period of Honorable Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee (BJP Government).

  • System of Listing:

The listing of NPR full form is done as per the levels given:

  1. Local (Village/Sub-Town) Level
  2. Sub-District Level
  3. District Level
  4. State Level
  5. National Level

Every single usual resident is liable to get registered on the NPR list.

NPR and NRC:

As per the amendment Citizenship rule 2003, it’s mandatory to create and construct the NPR list, and it collects all useful information, NRC would be based on that collected details.

  • Local Officials:

Local officials have an authority on whose name should be added in the NRC registry or not: this matters in citizenship status.

After that,

Honorable Home Minister Rajnath Singh ordered on NPR project to take as a conclusion to construct and display NRC reports on June 18, 2014.

Often, the Government stated in the Parliament about NRC is the base version of the NPR list, the list has detail information about every usual resident.

  • Very First Time Creation of NPR list:

In 2010, in the year for the first time, the NPR list prepared by the Government includes around 119 crore resident Indians.


It has further updated the NPR list in 2015 based on biometric information after linking to the Adhaar Database of every resident individual.

  • Detail Document for NPR:

In the future of 2020, the Government plans to collect more essential details against NPR:

  1. Place of birth of parents
  2. Last place of resident
  3. The serial number for official documents
  • Objectives:

The reason behind the creation of the NPR list is to collect various information from every usual resident in a comprehensive manner of providing details like biometric and demographics.

  • Demographic details include:
  1. Name of person
  2. Relationship to head of household
  3. Father’s name
  4. Mother’s name
  5. Spouse’s name (if married)
  6. Sex
  7. Date of Birth
  8. Marital status
  9. Place of birth
  10. Nationality (as declared)
  11. Present address of usual residence
  12. Duration of stay at present address
  13. Permanent residential address
  14. Occupation
  15. Qualification

The 2010’s Census of Population:

The full form National Population Register of NPR, as per the results of 2010’s census, the data collected along with house listing phase census.

After that, the updation in 2015 by serving door to door and with the biometric survey by linking Adhaar Number.

Now the Government decided to made census in 2021 from April to September within all over states and UT’s of India excluding Assam.

 This notification made by the Central Government in the Official Gazette was already published in public.

The database carried over in 2021’s new census, the database maintained by The Registrar General.

NPR and Adhaar Database:

The Ministry of Home describes Adhaar by saying that “Adhaar having only individual detail data whereas NPR is proper and family-wise data.’

 All the welfare schemes leading by the State Government and Central Government, basically they are all based on the NPR census.


The NPR full form and UIDAI full form, i.e., Unique Identification Authority of India, both are working together on the same targeting point.

UIDAI, the authority has been issued Adhaar cards all over the country. The UIDAI also had to target to collect databases around the country’s residents.

For Projection of NPR activities taken to be:

  1. List of houses by the enumerator.
  2. Scanning NPR schedules.
  3. They were storing data in digital format.
  4. Biometric enrollment and integration.
  5. It was the Correction and validation of collected information.
  6. It was Issuance of duplicate and Aadhaar number by UIDAI.
  7. We are collecting data in the office of the Census Commissioner.

This is to improve the implementation of the Government’s economic policies and its various programs, as so far it affects various components of the population.

Conflict on NPR:

The State like seeks to scrap 2020 NPR registry or they want to update as old 2010 NPR census due to governments demanded new certified documents in the upcoming census, i.e.,

  1. Place of last residence
  2. Mother tongue
  3. Aadhaar number (voluntary)
  4. Mobile number
  5. Passport (Indian passport holder)
  6. Voter ID card
  7. Driving license number
  8. Date and place of birth of parents

The State which is demanding to scrap 2020’s NPR:

  1. West Bengal                
  2. Punjab           
  3. Madhya Pradesh        
  4. Chhattisgarh 
  5. Puducherry   
  6. Andhra Pradesh
  7. Rajasthan 
  8. Tamil Nadu     
  9. Kerala
  10. Telangana  
  11. Odisha  
  12. Delhi
  13. Bihar

The Parliamentary Committee had inquired about the possibility of using the Aadhaar database to update the NPR without renewed practice to prevent duplication of efforts and expenditure.

The Parliamentary Committee would like the MHA to explore the feasibility of using Aadhaar metadata for census and updation of NPRs.

 In 2020–21,

Besides, the committee suggests that all states/union territories should be fully confident on various issues related to NPR,

Which is a national consensus beginning in April so that there are complete clarity and any apprehension among the remaining people across the country,

Do not be the ones who will help in conducting these exercises smoothly.

The Census organization in India:

The census of India is the most leading single source of various statistical information and for different characteristics of Indian people.

With a history of over 130 years, this reliable, time-tested study brings to the fore a wealth of statistics every ten years, since 1872, when the first census was conducted in different parts of the country.

The Indian Census is an attractive source of data for scholars and researchers in the fields of Demography, Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Statistics, and many more.

The rich diversity of the people of India has come to the fore through the Decade Census, which has become a tool to understand study o India.

The Registrar General and the Office of the Census Commissioner under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, are responsible for conducting the census.

It is of historical interest that although the census of India is a major administrative task;

The census institute was established on an ad hoc basis for each census till the 1951 census.

Census Act 1948 provides for a census plan with duties and responsibilities of census officers.

The Government of India decided on May 11, 1949, to take steps to develop a systematic collection of statistics on population, its growth, etc.,

And set up an institution in the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Registrar and former Census Commissioner of India, India.

The organization was responsible for compiling data on population statistics, including important statistics and censuses.

Later, this office was also entrusted with the responsibility of implementing registration in the country under the Birth and Death Act, 1969. Implementation.

Is NPR mandatory ?

The NPR means national population registered includes database amongst overall every ordinary citizens of India and also foreign citizens. In that reason NPR binded to each citizens for registered their citizenship.

Why NPR is needed ?

NPR is huge database of ordinary citizens of India with their biometric and demographic data. The object to collect database of usual resident people and keep in record.

Is NPR Implemented in India ?

The NPR will be implemented all over India excepting Assam. As the reason Assam had already conducted registry list. Government will process the NPR listing and census simultaneously.

When will NPR start in India ?

Now, the Government decided to update all the relative data of National Population Registered with the biometric information. The process can be occurred houselisting phase in year of 2020 or 2021 in April month.

Will NPR be implemented in India ?

According to current affairs the respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi released funds for NPR and census. Instead of this ten state of India already announced that they won’t to be implement NPR in their state.

What is NPR number ?

In 2015, national population register, census updated with Adhaar card. The NPR register reduplicated with adhaar card number.

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