NASA Full Form | Research Centers, Missions, & Spacecraft (1958)

NASA full form the name NASA familiar with the American Space agency is the most significant agency around the world.

The NASA full form is standing for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is located in the United States of America.

We heard about this space agency, which projects many inventions in the world of a universe that inventions make curiosity.

The NASA full form deals with space science for the development of peaceful applications.

The real vision of NASA space science is to expand the different circles of inventions and knowledge.

And also focuses on the made increasingly benefits to humanity by different sector research.

Establishment of NASA full form:

NASA full form and information:

The space agency one of the Independent agencies in the United States Federal Government, which promotes the civilian space program.

As also, the space agency is responsible for the aeronautics program and space-related all researches.

In 1958, the Nasa was established with the National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics (NACA).

This agency was distinctly civilian orientation, as well as it encourages peaceful applications of space science.

From the establishment of the NASA space agency, most of the space exploration led by the agency.

The exploration includes the Apollo moon landing mission, the Skylab space station, and the later date Space shuttle.

NASA is supporting international space station as well as look over on the progress of Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicles or other.

The NASA agency was also involved in Launch Service Programs, which aim to provide launch operations and countdown management.

NASA has focused on the Earth by using Earth Observing System for a better understanding.

NASA explores bodies in solar system by using advance robotic spacecraft missions as like new horizons.

NASA’s various creations:

In 1946, the NACA National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics was made an experiment with rocket plans like the supersonic Bell X-1.

In early 1950, it was the challenge of launching an artificial satellite for the International Geophysical Year.

In the year 1957 on October 4 the Soviet launches world’s first artificial satellite as name Sputnik 1.

On the date of 12 January 1958, NASA gathered “Special Committee on the Space Technology” which was under Guyford Stever.

Latterly, on January 14 1958, director of NACA Hugh Dryden published “A National Research Program for Space Technology.”

This federal agency conducts all over non-military space activity and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

The ARPA created in February 1958 for develop space technology for the military applications.

In year 1958 on July 29, National Aeronautics and Space Act signed, and established the National Aeronautics Space Administration NASA full form.

Nasa acquired 43 year old Naca whole on 1 October 1958, successfully established and the President Dwight D. Eisenhower.


NASA’s Vision in Space Research:

As we know the NASA space agency works for the civilian space program and on aeronautics, scientific discovery, earth and aerospace research as well.

The primary vision for the agency is to discover and expand knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Headquarters of the agency:

NASA full form and headquarters:

The main headquarter of the Nasa space agency in Washington of the United States of America.

Instead of nasa full form and headquarters has 10 different centers of agency across the United States as well as 7 workplaces for study on earth and space.

National Civil Service employees having compulsion on them to be citizens of the United States.

Administration of NASA:

The administrator of NASA space agency elected by the President of the United States after approval of the U.S. Senate.

After that nominated person made reports to him or her for serving on the position as Senior Space Science Advisor.

The person who is appointed by the President usually belongs to a similar political party of the President either Democratic or Republican.

List of few Administrator elected under similar party:

  • Thomas O. Paine (Democrat) – Acting administrator Under President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat)
  • James C. Fletcher (Republican) – Appointment made by the Nixon and it confirmed on April 1971
  • Daniel Goldin – Appointment made by George H. W. Bush (Republican)
  • Robert M. Lightfoot Jr. – Associate Administrator of Barack Obama (Democrat)

 Dr. T. Keith Glennan the very first administrator appointed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican) in term of President brought projects in American space development research.

NASA Full Form | Research Centers, Missions, & Spacecraft (1958)

After that second administrator, James E. Webb serves a term of service from 1961 to 1968 and the appointment made by the president John F. Kennedy.

The second administrator was the Democrat who serve first under the President  Harry S. Truman publicly.

In the end of year 1960 to achieve goal of  Kennedy’s Moon landing there was implemented Apollo Program.

After that, President  Lyndon Johnson continued the Apollo program soon he succeeded in November 1963 on Kennedy’s goal.

James Fletcher responsible person for the planning of the Space Shuttle Program and in his first term successfully done during President Nixon.

Similarly, he has selected for second term administrator by President Ronald Reagan from May 1986 to April 1989.

The Former astronaut Charles Bolden serving their service in term of July 2009 to January 2017, he is a 12th administrator of NASA full form.

Along with other astronauts who was administrator of the NASA full form they are:

  •  Richard H. Truly  – The serving period 1989 – 1992
  •  Frederick D. Gregory – The serving period, he is an acting administrator in 2005

Current Administration of Nasa:

The Nasa space agency’s administration in July 2019 led by Jim Bridenstine and he is the 13th administrator of the agency.

Similarly, the 14th Deputy administrator led by James W. Morhard in the NASA space agency.

NASA Full Form | Research Centers, Missions, & Spacecraft (1958)

CEO of the NASA:

James Frederick  i.e., “Jim” Bridenstine is a 13th administrator/CEO of NASA agency nomination made by President Donald Trump.

After that soon confirmed by the U.S. Senate and sworn as 13th administrator, Jim nominated on 23 April 2018.

NASA Full Form | Research Centers, Missions, & Spacecraft (1958)

Description of Nasa’s Work:

  • Nasa plays a vital role in the development of advanced aviation technologies.
  • Nasa deals with various human exploration and related operation
  • To analyze various facts on earth and made research on the science behind them.
  • It contributes to the development of space science and other exploration technologies

Various Space Flight programs:

  • Crewed / manned space programs
Space ProgramsYear
X-15 Rocket Plane1959 to 1968
Project Mercury 1958 to 1963
Project Gemini 1961 to 1966
Project Apollo 1961 to 1972
Skylab 1965 to 1979
Apollo-Soyuz 1972 to 1975
Space Shuttle Program1972 to 2011

The project Apollo ever been the most expensive scientific program of NASA. It presents estimated value at this date is $205 billion. In 1960 project cost is more than $20.

In July 1969, the Apollo 11 mission the first moon landing manned spacecraft and the person lands for the first time was Neil Armstrong.


On the date of May 24, 1972, signed an agreement jointly by US President Richard M. Nixon and with  Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin.

The agreement naming for a joint crewed space mission. The mission authorizes the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP).

  • Uncrewed / unmanned space programs:
Space progarm nameSpace program Year
Explore 1The First U.S. uncrewed satellite1958
Viking 1The First landing on Mars1976
Pioneer 10The First Spacecraft visit to Jupiter1973
Pioneer 11The First Spacecraft visit to Saturn1979
Voyager 2The First Spacecraft visit to Uranus1986
Voyager 2The First Spacecraft visit to Neptune1989

The uncrewed mission of NASA is not countable because NASA launches about 1000 of the space mission.

Multiple uncrewed missions designed by NASA to explore earth

Employees in Nasa full form agency:

Nearly NASA’s employees counted as about 17000 which are belonging to diverse backgrounds and located from the diverse region.

They are classified as follow:

Seventy-two percent –These employees are White or Caucasian
Twelve percent –These employees are Black or African American
Seven percent –These employees are Asian American or Pacific Islander
Eight percent –These employees are Hispanic or Latino
One percent –These employees are  American Indian or Alaska Native
Less than one percent –more than one race

Satellite Program:

NASA space agency responsible in generating numbered of satellite program in addition of using earth application.

In like manner of development and launching numbered of satellite program one of them was Landsat.

Landsat was the series of satellite program designed to study on natural resources and to collect all information of Earth’s features.

Even so communication satellite and weather satellite and many more. NASA full form also launched space shuttle programs.

NASA’s Funding:

NASA full form’s budget

In the fiscal year 2021, NASA’s budget $25.2 billion, this increase at 12% in compare to financial year 2020. Every dollar of budget impacts on U.S. economy.

The NASA budget specify by annual process with proposal to White House and passed in legislation by congress.

The budget invested in programs like as in human spaceflight, space science, aeronautics and technology development with education.

Nasa’s project mission Apollo during this project NASA budget goes on peak level in year 1960. After that United States successful in moon mission.

But after this achievement NASA losses political support and budget cuts consistently. In 1970 budget hang over between 1% and 0.5%.

The funding of NASA varies in different sector specifically it goes to human spaceflight about 50% NASA spend on it.

Instead of this from annual budget of NASA 30% over spent on robotic research mission and scientific research.

Other than this budget divided in aeronautics, staff salaries, technology development programs, facilities management and any other overhead.

NASA’s Plans:

NASA full form works for new innovative creation and discoveries also sustains the leading program that helps in exploration of space.

Similarly, NASA involves commercial and international partners for human expansion over solar system to bring new knowledge and various opportunities to the earth.

It has aim to support countries economy in outer world of space and aeronautics. It can improvise understanding of universe and our place in it.

The NASA focuses on improving America’s Space technologies and American leadership as well.

Major Strategic Goals:
  • Expand human knowledge through new scientific discoveries
  • Expand human existence in space and to the moon for sustainable long-term exploration and use
  • Solve national challenges and stimulate economic development
  • Optimize capabilities and operations

Socio-economic impact of NASA on Nation:

The reports made categorized all socio-economic impact to the nation of NASA’s investment in pursuing its vision and mission.

What are the expenditures made by NASA is wave throughout the economy of the nation as well as it supports crucial industries and creates opportunities of businesses and various jobs.

Nasa invest in differ technologies and discoveries in current process and for the future. Hence this will impacts on social and economic differences.

There are six dimensions of socio-economic impacts:


Differ benefits of NASA to United States:

As per the report of The Tauri Group,

NASA full form, provides broad level benefits in relation of social and economic to the United States, the particular of NASA:

  • The NASA supports technological development and it creates positive wave throughout the Larger economies than other federal agencies on average.
  • Stimulates innovation and business growth.
  • NASA enhances space related sector and it has contribute that will made direct impact on peoples every day life.

As an example of first weather satellites, telecommunications, remote sensing, and related GPS technologies.

  • NASA promotes international cooperation and stands for peaceful foreign policy.
  • NASA best inspiration for the world and it is one of the optimal “Brand” of United States.
  • The agency motivates people of the world to pursue in sector of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Contribution to Global Emerging Technologies:

The NASA enhances investment in cutting edge emerging technologies for support and advancing its all programs.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2012, a globally recognized foundation of nonprofit purpose.

This forum engages different sector businesses, political, education, academic, regional and industry agendas.

The disasters of NASA:

The US space race had many notable successes but this will not alone it comes with some casualties as well.

The disasters by NASA as:

After launching of Sputnik in 1957 by Soviet Union. Unites States entered in horrible competition against its communist rivals.

But the space race era has not always golden even it has dark side also…

  • Apollo 1 – 1967 ( Apollo 1 fire ) :

The first deadly accident happened in the history of US space agency’s tragedy since on January 27, 1967. At the time of preparing first manned Apollo mission.

The Apollo 204 command module suddenly caught fire during a simulated launch at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

This will killed astronauts Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee of asphyxiation.

A flaming spark ignited the fire in the pure oxygen atmosphere inside the module and suddenly flaws in the design of the hatch door made it impossible to open in time to save the astronauts.

Aftermath NASA officially designed mission as Apollo 1.

  • Challenger shuttle disaster:

The casualty happened on January 28, 1986,

In the Challenger shuttle disaster Seven astronauts were killed while the orbiter broken apart from the major explosion.

  • The crew included astronauts with commander  Francis “Dick” Scobee
    • Pilot Mike Smith
    • Mission specialists Judy Resnik
    • Ellison Onizuka
    • Ron McNair
    • Payload specialists Greg Jarvis 
    • Christa McAuliffe

Space shutlte challenger was the second number shuttle who reach at space on April 1983.

The Challenger was successfully done his nine milestone mission amongst three years of service.

At the time of 10th launching on Jan 1986,

  •  Columbia shuttle accident (Space Shuttle Columbia):

The darkest day for Unites State and India too with the seven American astronauts including India’s first women astronaut Kalpana Chawla killed.


On 1 February 2003, the space shuttle Columbia broke down during landing back to the Earth.

After that from this accident NASA suspended space shuttle program flight over two years long.

The investigator board observed that in large amount of foam form and fell through the external tank of shuttle.

Due to this large piece of foam breached spacecraft wing. The problem of foam remain known for years.

The columbia space shuttle second large disaster after challenger shuttle. The tragedy leds retirement in space shuttle mission in 2011.

Columbia well known first shuttle to fly in space. It was successfully about 27 missions completed before disaster.

Columbia’s first took place in April 1981 and it take last flight on Jan 16, 2003. This was 28th flight of Columbia on mission STS-107 which left Earth.

Simultaneously, at the time of Shuttle program NASA was planning to build International Space Station.

In Columbia Shuttle program seven crew members involved:

Rick Husband
Michael Anderson
David Brown
Kalpana Chawla
Laurel Clark
William McCool
Ilan Ramon

payload commander
mission specialist
mission specialist
mission specialist
payload specialist

They performed over all 80 experiments in different task as like life science, fluid physics, material science and related matters.


The SpaceX one of the 14 companies which promote by NASA to enhance land humans on the Moon again by 2024. and land on Mars eventually.

The SpaceX is a company which provides aerospace manufacturing and service transportation related to space.

Foundation of the company:

The company was founded in 2002 by the founder Elon Musk for the purpose to reduce costs of space transportation.

The SpaceX company’s headquarter located in United State’s Hawthorne, California.


The SpaceX has been developed multiple launching vehicles few of them:

  1. The Starlink satellite constellation
  2.  the Dragon cargo spacecraft
Funding of the SpaceX:

The SpaceX company is a privately funded, by this private capital company developed his first launch vehicle and three other rocket engine.

Latterly, SpaceX signed the contract with US government for funding of Falcon 9 launch vehicle to develop.

The company was focusing to develop Falcon Heavy launch vehicle, the Raptor methane-fueled rocket engine with the help of private capital.

Since, August 2012, SpaceX contracted with NASA for manufacturing and development of crew-carrying capsule.

This space capsule design for motive of “next generation of U.S. human spaceflight capabilities.

Who is the CEO of NASA?

im Bridenstine nominated by President Donald Trump later he confirmed by U.S. Senate and he became 13th administrator of Nasa space agency date on 23 April 2018.

What NASA Means?

The NASA means to be a National Aeronautics and Space administration located in Unites States of America. Established in October 1, 1958. The space agency deals in space science and space technology.

Is SpaceX funded by NASA?

Yes, NASA awarded SpaceX with several contracts and SpaceX also directly contracted with US government for manufacturing of launch vehicles.

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