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The blog is about IRS full form, the IRS having several meanings but here to discuss for Indian Revenue Services.

The Indian Revenue Services is a public service govern by government.

It is very popular as the UPSC exam after clearing it get the job on high preference.

In all around India most of the students and civilians preparing for this exam.

The service considered as Group – A level services held by the Government of India.

IRS full form considering highest level of exam accordingly serving for country.

The position is highest designated post comparing than all posts so its collects most respect other than all.

What is the Irs Full form?

IRS officer Portal


The Irs meaning as the Indian Revenue Services which held by the Government of India.

Irs service is an administrative revenue service which considered in Governement of India.

And it comes under department of revenue ,of Ministry of Finance.

The Irs full form post is highly gradable with Group – A therefore, most of students focus on this for appearing exam.

But very few from the all students are cleared because the toughest exam.

Some are less interacting with people on direct contact this uncomfortable feeling students choosing IRS post.

As the reason less interaction with the people they serve for their country working through office.

As the comparing between IAS and IPS the IRS post much responsible than both.

They called with several names for the position such as Guardians of financial borders of the country.

As well as

Departments Under IRS:

The IRS covers under two departments:

  • Indian Revenue Service for Income Tax Department.
  • Indian Revenue Services for Customs and Indirect Tax Department.

Irs officer more dedicated to serve service for country’s progress, good governance to all.

Budget the taxes for every taxpayer even for Government it better for country’s revenue earning.

Income tax which considered in direct tax system it implemented on direct earning of the taxpayer.

In addition, custom and indirect tax department implemented on consumption of taxpayer.

Those two branches control goes over its specific department Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and Central Board of Excise and Customs respectively.

Instead of this the IRS also perform services like Central Bureau of Investigation.

Adding with it works in Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and in Intelligence Bureau (IB).

History of IRS full form:

Income Tax Department establish at far time ago when the British Government made Governance in India.

After Independence the department re-again establish in the form of Indain Revenue Services in 1953.

In the income tax concepts formation and IRS established in early of 1860.

After that, in actual income tax department administered in the year of 1922.

When the Income Tax Act, 1922 comes in exists.

Later, in 1924 the Central Board of Revenue Act constituted by the Central Board of Revenue for administration of Income Tax.

As the previously see the IRS construct for collecting direct and indirect taxes.

The officer functions for administration of direct tax laws through Income Tax Department (ITD).

They are responsible for policy formation, administration in direct tax and in indirect tax.

They are also plays major role in exposing scams in tax system across the country.

Requirement or Eligibility for the exam:

For the preparation of the exam, the student gives UPSC it conducts all over India, therefore, the millions of students do hard for clearing the exams.

The exam is similar to which conducts for Group A services after the completion of the civil service exam under the Union Public Service Commission.

But some criteria wants to be fulfilled for so the eligibility as per following:

  • Having Citizen of India.
  • Having Degree from Central, State or Deemed University.
  • A correspondence degree reorganized by the Government of India.
  • A qualification reorganized by the Government of India which is equivalent to the above.

Other candidates also eligible for the exam of civil service but they requires to submit the following proof information before the examination.

  • Candidates who passed their final MBBS exam but not completed internship.
  • The Candidates who passed the final exam of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI), (ICSI) and (ICWAI).
  • Candidates having foreign degree reorganized by the Association of Indian Universities (AiU).

The IRS officers start their carrier with designation of Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax.

Additionally. the Group B level officers (Gazetted Income Tax Officer) also gets this position further by promotion.

Recruitment made by the Indian Revenue Service held on the IRS officers.

Age group required for becoming the IRS officers:

Age Group Limit for the Selection:

The selection base on the category of the cast of every person then the elected and relief made for them.

Mostly the General category person are eligible for examination from the 21 year till 32 years applicable for attempting exams.

Although, the IRS elected on the basis of cast reservation as per showing below:

  • Age limit for general category students they can appear from the age of 21 years till 32 years old.
  • The age limit for OBC category students is up to 35 years.
  • And the age limit for the SC and ST category students is up to 37 years.

Even though the upper age limit can more for some certain category students such as students come for Jammu and Kashmir, physically challenge students as well.

Kinds of Taxes:

There are two kinds of taxes in India after the updation of indian tax there many changes done by passing bill in the parliament.

The Indian Direct Tax System:

The direct taxes paid by the individuals. firms or by corporate sector direct to the Governmen which taxable on their direct income.

Direct income means it earned on salary, from business or any house occupied by taxpayer.

On this direct income after completing limitation taxpayer have to bound with paying tax to Government.

It’s necessary to pay tax regularly to the Government this will helps to the government for maintaining a balance between all level class of people.

The Indian Indirect Tax System:

This mainly goes burden on common individual people because this will pay off on purchase of goods and services.

There is the condition behind this it will applicable on those people who are consumer of the goods and services.

As mean to be indirect tax is the consumption-based tax the newly implemented tax in this section GST Goods and Services Tax.

The specialty of this tax is collected by one person and paid by another person even generated by third person.

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