What is HSN Full form ? | HSN (8 digit) codes that actually better in Goods

Whenever International trade and commerce is coming to be in actual thousands of goods and services were transacted.

Particularly, this goods and services transacted worldwide, But some of the goods or products specific relating to the particular countries. 

For a better understanding of such goods and services, HSN full form becomes part of the tariff item to classify them correctly.

What is mean by HSN full form Code?

HSN Full Form stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature or as refers as Harmonized System (HS). It was helpful in diversify goods.

This Nomenclature (HS) resulting in a coding system of goods to classify them in various category for identification and coding of goods.

HSN full form considered in the classification of various goods and services. HSN is having the utmost essential to decide tax on goods.


HSN full form also mentioned as the Harmonized System of Tariff Nomenclature. For all commodity, this system adopted by overall countries.

Harmonized System of Nomenclature almost most of on goods remains the same, not changeable. But in some countries, it varies as per the nature of goods.

After the implementation of GST (GST Full Form) in India adoption of HSN coding system for computation of Value Added Tax in GST is the primary purpose of HSN.

In India HSN system already being used from far long time ago since 1986 in the regime of Central Excise and Customs. 

Whenever preparation of tax invoice the HSN code must be rectified on the tax invoice of goods. 

The HSN code number is a multipurpose international nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).

“The International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System” is the governing body for HSN number.

HSN or Harmonized System is of Nomenclature helpful into harmonized procedures between the custom and trade.

Correct Classification Is Necessary:

Importance of correct classification of goods assuming great importance in tax liability effectively depends on proper tax duty.

Improper classification of goods has severe effects on business relationships between business and customers. Also, have possible ill effects seen.

HSN full form across the World:

The full form HSN Harmonized System of Nomenclature adopted over 200 countries worldwide.

As per such massive adoption of this Nomenclature from ancient time 1986 we can assume how is beneficial on major items for classifying purpose.

Some of the benefits from them:

  • Assist in collecting data related to international trade
  • Classify things equally
  • Providing a rational basis for customs duties

In showing terms and conditions of HSN code about to approx. 98% trade stock classified. This international system authenticates every item.

According to the various countries, the HSN code may have specified for their every commodity. And almost on all goods, HSN code remains the same.

In the number and the structure of HSN may have some variation in certain specified countries as per the nature of goods and items.

HSN code adopted in India:

In India, a system of HSN full form code has been selected because of India also a member of “World Custom Organisation” (WCO) since 1971.


Primarily, India took the six-digit number of HSN code for Customs and even Central Excise Duties.

At a later date after the consultant of custom and excise department authorities exceeds two more digits in HSN number. 

Nowadays, the eight-digit HSN code system has been adopted by GST for better classification of goods after the implementation.

HSN code containing 5000 or more commodity, identification of each commodity by six-digit HSN code number. Code defines the logical and systematic division of goods.

Importance of HSN code:

HSN nomenclature established consistency in the classification of various items or goods, manufacturing by and sold by different industries.

It helped the Government in the collection of related data against trades and industries of their exercise products.

HSN is also useful for better tax treatment on differ goods and services as well as to differentiate in services and exempt category goods.

HSN Structure:

Divided in:  

  • 21 Sections
  • 98 Chapters
  • 1244 Headings
  • 5224 Subheadings

Notification No. 11/2017 – CT

This notification for tariff services, Chapter 99 has been earmarked for services.

Section 21:

In each of the section consist of a various number of chapters. Therein considers codes for the category of goods and services.

Chapter and Sub-chapter:

A particular class of goods as per is his nature contains in the section having Chapter and sub-chapter. In each Chapter, that is specific. 

Heading and sub-heading: 

A single chapter divided by multiple numbers of title and sub-heading. Those headings are according to different types of goods in Chapter.

Description of Digit Number:

What is HSN Full form ? | HSN (8 digit) codes that actually better in Goods
  • First, two digits consist of Chapter number with the covered section number.
  • Second two digits combine with the first two digits that mean first four digits includes Heading under the Chapter.
  • After that another two digits combine with the first four; it means first six digits sub-heading.
  • In the end, last two-digit combines with an eight-digit number consider as a regional tariff.

What is HSN code in GST ?

The HSN code means ‘Harmonized System of Nomenclature.’ This system adopted all over world including India. The system has been object to deliver a systematic classification of goods in world.

Why is the HSN code needed ?

The HSN code useful for codifying and classifying various goods in systematic way. The classification is must necessary in the importance of tax liability.

Is HSN code mandatory?

The HSN code a nomenclature mandatory for better establishment of consistency in classification of different types of items of goods. This was helps government to correct identification and can collect all relatable data against the various industries and manufacturing trade and their products.

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