Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020

As we discuss in our previous blog about the GST registration, their limits, criteria, and all about related to necessary information. 

In this post, we prominently know about ultimate guide of the following as we hope it better understand to you:

  • Gst Registration Process Time
  • Gst Registration Step By Step Online Process
  • Gst Registration Process Documents Required

Under the GST Act, 2017, liable persons are eligible for the registration. The simple procedure is further specified below:

Gst Registration Process Time:

  • A person as we see in the GST registration article about their limit and criteria as further below: 
  • Persons liable for registration
  • Compulsory registration

Those persons shall apply for registration in every state or union territory within Thirty Days.

  • A casual taxable person or non-resident taxable person shall apply for registration at least five days before after commencement of business.
  • The unit under Special Economic Zone shall be liable for person those who are having a group, and Special Economic Zone developer shall apply for separate registration.
  • Persons make a supply in territorial waters in a coastal state or union territory shall apply for registration.
  • Territorial Waters:  Territorial waters mean from the baseline of Coastal State or a Union Territory about to 12 nautical miles (22 kilometres and 14 miles) the areal or belt of water.
  • A person wants to be registration grants single registration for a state and union territory.
  • A person is having too many places of business granted for separate records in a state and union territory.
  • A person wants to be voluntary registration if he is not eligible in the above category as specified to get registered.

Gst Registration Step By Step Online Process:

Steps for the online GST registration process as in detail study, and each point discussed below: 

Government site for Online GST registration process :


That is an authorized site of government where you can get registered online without any fees for registration.

First, you open this site as a given link and go on the Taxpayers section and click on register now.

Then begins the Part A section where new registration for a new person as per below:

Part A of the Gst Registration process:


Select on New Registration:

Part A of this process is for a newly registered person to fill the necessary information as per mention in this part of the registration process.

Like the required business name and current business pan number after filling with all essential info, click on PROCEED.


After that clicking on the proceed button, this window will be open, and the OTP number send on your email and mobile number, so please be carefully proper to fill them.

In case if not received OTP, then click on RESEND OTP, so you will get once again the OTP number fill them appropriately and finally click on the CONTINUE button.

TRN Number Status (Full Form of TRN) Part B:

TRN number full form of TRN Temporary Reference Number this Part B of the gst registration process, let carefully note down this number and save it.

Part B TRN number received after clicking CONTINUE button and once again go on GST Portal and Select Part B section, i.e., Temporary Reference Number TRN

Then you’re accepted and saved TRN number and enter the Captcha Code accurately and finally click on the PROCEED button.

Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020

The proper submission of TRN number, then you will receive the OTP number again on your mobile number or email id enter the same as it is without any mistake. 

Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020

Then click on the PROCEED button.

Gst Registration Status:

Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020

Status showing this box as DRAFT and click on edit Icon on ACTION box.

In Part B fill all Sections with  Gst registration documents which are required:

For the GST registration, the following documents prominently required.

  • Photographs
  • Proof of place of business
  • Identity proof
  • Bank Account Details
  • Taxpayers constitution
  • Documents as per Business, partnership firm
Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020
Best ways to learn GST registration process effectively in 2020

Please fill the necessary information as display in, and it will generate ARN Number, which was you would see the status on the GST portal.

Statutory Request:

Kindly requesting that pictures are taken from “” and this is only used for informational purpose.

What is the GST registration process?

In said specific criteria of gst registration person can be register under gst. The Government givens the separate portal for registration and also states that steps for registration.

What is the procedure for GST registration in India?

In India, there is procedure for gst registration requires to fulfill certain criteria as like documents which needed to get registered i.e., PAN card, identity proofs, photographs etc. and other essential steps to be follow to applicant.

Is GST registration free?

Yes, Government facilitate to free registration for every applicants who satisfied all criteria which are applicable in gst registration process. This process is an online procedure on portal of the Government.

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