Exclusive Full forms list starting with W

Full forms list starting with W

AcronymFull Form
W3World Wide Web
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WABCOWestinghouse Air Brake Company
WabtecWestinghouse Air Brake Technologies
WACWashington Administrative Code
WACWestern Athletic Conference
WACWomen’s Army Corps
WACWarwick Arts Centre
WACWydad Athletic Club
WACWeighted Average Coupon
WACWorked All Continents
WACWalker Art Center
WACWorld Archaeological Congress
WACWashington Athletic Club
WACWorld Aeronautical Chart
WACWarrington Central Railway Station
WAFWeb Application Firewall
WAFWife Acceptance Factor
WAFWorld Architecture Festival
WAFWest African Resources Limited
WAFWeather and Forecasting
WAFWorld Apostolate of Fátima
WAFWana Airport
WAFWomen’s Action Forum
WAFWorld Agricultural Forum
WAFWelsh Automotive Forum
WAFWorld Armwrestling Federation
WAFWallyford Railway Station
WAFWomen in the Air Force
WAICENTWorld Agricultural Information Centre
WAISWechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
WAISWestern Antarctic Ice Sheet
WAISWide Area Information Server
WAISWorld Association of International Studies
WALAMTARIWater and Land Management Training And Research Institute
Walmartnamed after its founder, Sam Walton
WAMPWindows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python
WANWide Area Network
wanwan language
WANWataniya Airways
WAPWireless Application Protocol
WAPDAWater and Power Development Authority
WARWeb Archive
WARWaris Airport
WARWrite After Read
WARWhite Aryan Resistance
WasPast tense of be
WASWait A Second
WASWebSphere Application Server
WASWiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
WATWest Africa Time
WATWindows Activation Technologies
WATWhite Adipose Tissue
WATWaterford Airport
WATWeight, Altitude, and Temperature
WATSWide Area Telephone Service
WATSWorld Air Transport Statistics
WATSWest Africa Theological Seminary
WATSWashtenaw Area Transportation Study
WAUWindows Anytime Upgrade
WAUWomen for Aryan Unity
WAUWauchope, New South Wales, Australia
WAVWaveform Audio File Format
WBWarner Brothers
WBWorld Bank
WBWhite Balance
WBWest Bengal
WBWhite Bread
WBWet Bulb
WBADMIPWest Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project
WBCWhite Blood Cell
WBCWorld Boxing Council
WBCWorld Baseball Classic
WBCWorld Boardgaming Championships
WBCWyoming Business Council
WBCWilliams Baptist College
WBCWarrington Borough Council
WBCWaterbeach railway station
WBCWorld Beer Cup
WBCsWhite Blood Cells
WBCSWelsh Black Cattle Society
WBCSWest Bengal Civil Service
WBCSDWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development
WBIDCWest Bengal Industrial Development Corporation
WBIDCWire Bonded Interdigital Capacitor
WBIFMSWest Bengal Integrated Financial Management System
WBTIDCWest Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation
WCCWorld Council of Churches
WCCWest Coast Choppers
WCCWest Coast Customs
WCCWellington City Council
WCCWound Care Certified
WCCWashington Conservation Corps
WCCWeak Central Coherence
WCCWashtenaw Community College
WCCWestchester Community College
WCCWhatcom Community College
WCCWindward Community College
WCCWomen's Christian College
WCCWomen in Cinema Collective
WCCWorld Chess Championship
WCCWest Coast Conference
WCCWarwickshire County Council
WCCWorcestershire County Council
WCCWaubonsee Community College
WCCWayne Community College
WCCWorld Chlorine Council
WCCWorld Climate Conferences
WCCWoodland Community College
WCCWaverley Christian College
WCCWest Cheshire College
WCCWestern Canada Cup
WCCWorld Club Challenge
WCCWestern Canada Concept
WCCWiltshire County Council
WCCWilliam Clarke College
WCCWyoming Catholic College
WCCWestern Canadian Championship
WCCWorld Conker Championships
WCCWorld Curling Championships
WCCWisconsin Collegiate Conference
WCCWestern Cartridge Company
WCCWomen’s Classical Caucus
WCCWomen's Classical Committee
WCCWorld Children's Choir
WCCWoodbury Country Club
WCCWorld Christian Conference
WCDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
WDWestern Digital
WDWhite Dwarf
wdWorking Directory
WDWalt Disney
WDWell Done
WDWing Defence
WDWatch Dogs
WDWhite Dwarf
WDWar Department
WDWestern Economic Diversification Canada
WDWeb Dynpro
WDWhipple’s Disease
WDDAS Air Cargo
WDWardair Canada
WDWatford postcode area
WD-40Water Displacement, 40th formula
WDRWide Dynamic Range
WDRWestdeutscher Rundfunk
WDRWorld Development Report
WDRBarrow County Airport
WDRWestern Development Region
WDRWaddell & Reed Financial
WDVWritten-Down Value
WDVWheat Dwarf Virus
WDXRFWavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
WDYMWhat Do You Mean
WebWorld Wide Web
WEBWorld English Bible
WEBWarren Edward Buffett
WEBWebjet Limited
WebDAVWeb Distributed Authoring and Versioning
WebelWest Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited
WEFWorld Economic Forum
WEFWater Environment Federation
WEFWith Effect From
WEFWorld Education Fellowship
Wells Fargoname after is founders, Henry Wells & William Fargo
WEPWired Equivalent Privacy
WEPWar Emergency Power
WescoWest Coast Shoe Company
WESCOWestern Electricity Supply Company of Orissa
WestpacWestern + Pacific
WFHWork From Home
WFHWorld Federation of Hemophilia
WFHWork For Hire
WFPWorld Food Programme
WFPWindows Filtering Platform
WFPWindows File Protection
WFPWorking Families Party
WFPWitness For Peace
WFPWorld Federation of Parasitologists
WGBHWestern Great Blue Hill
WhatsAppfrom the greeting phrase “What’s up?”
WHATWGWeb Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
WHMWeb Host Manager
WHMWestern Herbal Medicine
WHMWelcome Hall Mission
WHMWhite Hat Management
WHMCSWebHost Manager Complete Solution
WHOWorld Health Organization
WHOWhite House Office
WHOWrist-Hand Orthosis
WHQLWindows Hardware Quality Labs
WiDiWireless Display
WiFiWireless Fidelity
WIIFMWhat’s In It For Me?
WikiWiki is a Hawaiian word meaning “quick” or “fast”
WikipediaWiki + Encyclopedia
WiMAXWorldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organization
WiproWestern India Products
WISEWide-field Infrared Survey Explorer
WISPWireless Internet Service Provider
WISPWireless Identification and Sensing Platform
WISPWang Interchange Source Processor
WITSMLWellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language
WLWorking level
WLWeight Loss
WLWaiting List
WLANWireless Local Area Network
WLLWireless Local Loop
WLLWorking Load Limit
WLLWest London Line
WLLWith Limited Liability
WLLWikipedia Loves Libraries
WLSWeight Loss Surgery
WLSWebLogic Server
WLSWest Lose Subtract
WLSWeighted Least Squares
WLSWisconsin Lutheran Seminary
WLSWhite Light Scanner
WLSWestchester Library System
WLSWest London Synagogue
WLSWhittier Law School
WLSHihifo Airport
WLTPWorldwide-Harmonized Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure
WMAWindows Media Audio
WMAWorld Medical Association
WMAWays and Means Advances
WMAWilliam Morris Agency
WMAWar Measures Act
WMAWeights and Measures Act
WMAPWilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
WMDWeapons of Mass Destruction
WMICWindows Management Instrumentation Commandline
WMICWolfson Molecular Imaging Centre
WMICWireless Mobile Interface Card
WMICWireless MICrophone
WMLWireless Markup Language
WMLWebsite Meta Language
WMLWesnoth Markup Language
WMLMalaimbandy Airport
WMLWaste Management Licensing Regulations
WMLWhite Matter Lesion
WMPWindows Media Player
WMVWindows Media Video
WNAWorld Nuclear Association
Wolfram Alphanamed after its founder, Stephen Wolfram
WOMWord Of Mouth
WORMWrite-Once, Read-Many
WORMWorkshop on Ontologies: Reasoning and Modularity
WoWWorld of Warcraft
WOWWindows on Windows
WOWWillow Airport
WOWWomen of the Wall
WPWashington Post
WPWord Processing
WPWinning Percentage
WPWestern Province
WPWhite Phosphorus
WPWrit Petition
WPAWi-Fi Protected Access
WPBWest Palm Beach
WPBWorkers Party of Bangladesh
WPBPort Berge Airport
WPBWaste Paper Basket
WPBWar Production Board
WPBWorkers’ Party of Belgium
WPBWeibel-Palade Bodies
WPFWindows Presentation Foundation
WPFWorld Population Foundation
WPFWilliam Penn Foundation
WPFWorld Puzzle Federation
WPFWestern People’s Front
WPFWolf Preservation Foundation
WPFWorld Pump Festival
WPIWholesale Price Index
WPIWhey Protein Isolate
WPIWorcester Polytechnic Institute
WPIWorld Policy Institute
WPIWeather Protected Type I
WPIWraps Per Inch
WPIWomen & Politics Institute
WPMWords Per Minute
WPMWheaton Precious Metals
WPMWeighted Product Model
WPMWood Packaging Material
WPMWindermere Property Management
WPMWater Point Mapping
WPMWorld Pantheist Movement
WPMWorld Patent Marketing
WPSWi-Fi Protected Setup
WPUWilliam Paterson University
WPUWilliam Pitt Union
WPUWilliam Penn University
WPUWilliam Peace University
WPUWestern Philippines University
WPUWater Treatment Unit
WPUGuardia Marina Zañartu Airport
WRCWorld Rally Championship
WRCWorld Radiocommunication Conference
WRCWorld Rally Car
WRCWater Research Centre
WRCWhite Ribbon Campaign
WRCWorker Rights Consortium
WRCWAVE Regulatory Complex
WRCWar Reserve Constable
WRTWith Respect To
WSDWord Sense Disambiguation
WSDWater Supplies Department
WSDWhite Spot Disease
WSDWeb Services for Devices
WSDWanganui School of Design
WSDWorking Stress Design
WSDWhitnall School District
WSJWall Street Journal
WSJSan Juan Seaplane Base
WSJWeekly Shōnen Jump
WTCWorld Trade Center
WTFWork Time Fun
WTFWilliamstown Theatre Festival
WTFWorld Taekwondo Federation
WTFUWhere’s The Fair Use?
WTHWhat the Hell
WTOWorld Trade Organization
WTPWater Treatment Plant
WTPWillingness To Pay
WTPWireless Transaction Protocol
WTPWeb Tools Platform
WTPWoitape Airport
WTPWorld Trade Park
WWDCWorld Wide Developers Conference
WWDCWyoming Water Development Commission
WWEWorld Wrestling Entertainment
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund
WWWWorld Wide Web
WWWWild Wild West
WWWWolverine World Wide
WWWWWorld Wide Web Worm
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
WYSIWYSWhat You See Is What You Sign

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