Exclusive Full forms list starting with Q

Full forms list starting with Q

AcronymFull Form
Q&AQuestions and Answers
Q1First Quarter
Q2Second Quarter
Q2Quake II
Q3Third Quarter
Q3Quake III
Q4Fourth Quarter
Q4Quake 4
QAQuality Assurance
QAQatar Academy
qaQatar (TLD)
QBasicQuick Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
QBurstnamed after “Quasar Bursts”, which are the brightest electromagnetic events occur in the universe
QCMQuality Control Manager
QCMQuartz Crystal Microbalance
QEDQuod Erat Demonstrandum
QEDQuantum Explosion Dynamo
QEDQuantum Electrodynamics
QFIIQualified Foreign Institutional Investor
QGCQuestar Gas Company
qHDQuarter High definition
QHDQuantum Hydrodynamics
QHDQuarter Horse Directory
QHIQualified Helicopter Instructor
QHSQuincy High School
QICQuarter - Inch Cartridge
QIFQuicken Interchange Format
QLEDQuantum dot Light Emitting Diode
QMSQuality Management System
QNXQNX is Not Unix
QoSQuality of Service
QoSQueen of the South
QPILCHQueensland Public Interest Law Clearing House
QPRQueens Park Rangers
QPRQuality-Price Ratio
QPRQuestion, Persuade and Refer
QR CodeQuick Response Code
QRSan electrocardiographic complex consisting of the Q, R, and S waves
QRSQuilon Radio Service
QRSQuantron/Quantum Resonance System
QTPQuick Test Professional
QTPQinghai-Tibetan Plateau
QualcommQuality Communications
QubitQuantum bit
QUICQuick UDP Internet Connections
QUICQueen’s University International Centre
QuICQuality Interagency Coordination
QUICQueen’s University Investment Counsel
QUICQuick Urban & Industrial Complex
QuoraQUestion OR Answer
QVLQualified Vendor List
QVLQuella Vecchia Locanda
QWERTYStandard keyboard/typewriter layout, order of the first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard
QZSSQuasi-Zenith Satellite System

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