Know about the Covid-19 full form who created an outcry

Covid-19 full form the pandemic spreads over worldwide it means to be Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Nowadays, we all are living in quarantine life because of pandemic war and fight against it, and coronavirus pandemic faced globally.

Covid-19 full form as very infectious disease and deadliest virus recorded in 2020. However, as per the fear of spreading Covid-19 in all over the world, there was lockdown implemented.

Coronavirus Disease’s Covid-19 full form affect to the people in the world. Till there is not found any vaccine or treatment for the disease.

No one the single country except from affection of this disease…

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 Covid-19 full form:

The Virus Called as:

The deadliest disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

The first Identified Covid-19 full form in:

The disease born into China in December 2019 in Wuhan, and now it spreads across the world as a severe pandemic.

The concern of World Health Organization:

The declaration made by world health organization as leading that Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January.

As well as the World Health Organization also declares it as global pandemic on 11 March.

Serious Defects from the Pandemic:

  1. Covid-19 Affection – More than 4.47 million people affected till 15 May 2020.
  2. Countries Grip in – More than 188 Countries and territories found human wealth damage.
  3. Recovered People – More than 1.58 million people have healed.
  4. Deaths due to – Approximately 303,000 deaths have occurred.

The spreading of the virus:

Mostly the virus spreads through close contact of the people, the droplets through talk, cough, or by sneezing those droplets effects for the disease.

Mouth droplets:

It falls on the surface of the ground, or it may be a long-distance travel area with the help of air. Most often, people touch the surface, get after the mouth, and become infected.

Later there is most transmissible for the first three days commence of symptom, although the symptom most possible to spread over before appearing.

Primary Symptoms of Novel Corona Pandemic:More complicated symptoms like:
CoughAcute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
FatigueMulti-organ failure
Shortness of BreathSeptic Shock
Loss of Smell and TasteBlood Clots

The onset of symptoms is to take around five days or it may two to fourteen days.

Treatment for Disease:

At present, there no specific treatment available for covid-19 full form:

  1. There is no possible vaccine at till date
  2. OR Specific Antiviral Treatment

Rather the patient treated by some PRIMARY methods…

  1. Symptomatic
  2. Supportive Therapy

Possible Steps recommended for Prevention:

  • Often Hand Wash
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Cover mouth when having a cough
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Use continuously wearing a face mask
  • Seek medical care early if you have a fever, coughs, and difficulty breathing—but call first

The authorities responded preventions in worldwide:

  • Travel Restrictions
  • Lockdowns
  • Workplace Hazard Controls
  • Facility Closure

Several Impacts of Coronavirus:

  1. Great effect on commercial slow down
  2. Cancellation of all:
    1. Sports events
    2. Religious events
    3. Political events
    4. And Cultural events
  3. Impact on supply transfers in the shortage of goods and trouble in buying.
  4. The decrease in the count of pollution and emission of gases.
  5. Schools, colleges, and Universities are ultimately close and it affecting all students worldwide.
  6. Misunderstanding about the virus as well as misinformation goes through online platforms.
  7. Intense disliking and partiality amongst the Chinese people possibly from those who relate to high infected areas.

Deadliest Virus (Covid-19 full form):

The First Detection of Virus:

The first identification of coronavirus at the end of the year 2019 on 31 December, the Chinese health authorities inform to World Health Organisation on caused gets viral as pneumonia in the Wuhan City, Hubei province, China.

As soon as WHO found 7,818 confirmed cases across the globe,19 countries severely affected, which are WHO regions at the start year 2020.

 After that, it will found the virus is new and closely related to:

  1. Bat Coronavirus
  2. Pangolin Coronavirus
  3. SARS-Cov

At the end, the scientific census confirmed is based natural origin of Covid-19 full form.

Probably the virus is infected from Bat to Human transmission in time of processing of traditional Chinese medicine from the dead body and waste matter of the Bat.

The earliest person to be found infected:

The first person caused due disease found in China on 1 December 2019, and perhaps a person cannot be directly connected to the wet market of Wuhan.

But latterly infected two or third persons who identified in the same month there are directly in contact with the wet market.

It may, latterly on 13 March 2020, an unverified report says that the first person to be trace who had infection is a 55 – years old in Hubei on 17 November 2019.

The WHO realized that the Covid-19 full form as a PANDEMIC, and announced on 11 March 2020…

Symptoms Exactly Identified:

The Covid-19 full form is an asymptomatic and non – specific disorder.

Most Common Symptoms:Less Common Symptoms:Emergency Symptoms:
FeverRespiratory Sputum Production (Phlegm)Difficulty in Breathing
And Dry CoughCough out bloodContinuous Chest pain and pressure
Diarrhea, Fatigue, loss of smell/taste, etc.Sudden Confusion
Difficulty in Walking
Bluish Face and Lips

If an emergency symptom detected in a person needs immediate medical help advice.

On the stage of increasing, infection complications can be found as:The disease couldn’t be Single Symptom:
PneumoniaAs said an Asymptomatic
Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromePresymptomatic
Kidney Failure
Septic Shock

The health authorities issued guidelines that the people closest to the infected person shall be staying in QUARANTINE and get monitored.

Reasons for causing disease:


The Covid-19 full form recently founded, so there is no proper investigation still completed, so it is not clear all the doubts of disease.

The spreading of covid – 19 disease is more efficient than influenza and sustainable.

As per the observation, it spreads due to close contact of people, and most often through small droplets during coughing and sneezing.

The droplets having water substances so it cannot be traveled far away through the air, they are dropping out down on the ground surface.

After that, the person remains infected seven to twelve days in less sensitive cases; in case of a problematic situation, it extends to two weeks.

When the droplets fall on the floor or surface of the ground, it can be less infectious if remain people touch their mouth, face, and nose with unclean hands.

After the fall on surface-active virus decreases over time and then they can no longer infectious, and the surfaces cannot be assumed that the primary way of infection.

It is unknown in what number of viruses require to get infected on surfaces, it lookups that they survive for four hours on copper and cardboard for one day.

And also a major chance of living on plastic and stainless steel at three days…

Types of Symptoms of virus:

The virus transmitted from one person to another without showing any symptoms. The WHO also unknown about it that how could be it happen.

The observation said that 40% of people infected by ASYMPTOMATIC cause…

The disease, when shows symptoms, become most infectious in mild or non-specific symptoms; it was infectious two days before on showing of symptoms in the PRE-SYMPTOMATIC situation.

Disinfectants use in houses can efficient to kill virus:

The precaution is a virus that can kill quickly through using household disinfectants or the outer side of the human body or by cleaning hands.

But, disinfectants are not proper or particular treatment method if it cannot use properly, mainly inside of the human body.

In a large amount of virus carries in salvia and sputum. The disease is not sexually transmitted infection, but it can be transmitted through kissing, intimate contact, and faecal-oral routes.

The person affected with the novel coronavirus (covid – 19) estimated infection to other is may be varied widely.

Preventive majors from Covid-19:

There is not found proper preventive measures against Covid – 19. Primarily, focused measures are as hand wash, personal hygiene.

The people already infected they compulsorily wear surgical masks in public places. Keep physical distance is also significant prevention.

The health care providers taking care of the person who infected shall get extra precautions like standard precautions, contact precautions, and eye protection.

Although there is no invention made about the Covid – 19 vaccine till date,

Do regularly hand wash,

Hand wash prevents to kill germs with regular household soaps, recommended by the Centre of Disease Control and Preventions (CDC).

The CDC also says the hand wash do for minimum two seconds, especially after toilet and when it seems dirty.

And also, before eating, after blowing the nose, coughing, or sneezing, it is easy to do with household soap and can kill the virus.


CDC also says that use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, the sanitizers should contain 60 percent of alcohol, which not contain in ordinary soap and water.

WHO made advice to people not to touch the nose, eyes, or mouth with unclean hands, as well as it does not clear that washing hands using ash is effective.

Clean surface of every object,

Do cleaning of surface regularly with several solutions, CDC confirmed thus infected person touches the surface of any object the virus may pass through.

Wearing of face masks,

It is recommended that the wearing of face masks is essential. Notably, WHO said wear masks for those people who are in high risks,i.e., taking care of corona virus-infected persons.


The countries like China, the United States kindly recommended to a member of people for wearing masks or covering cloths for the face as a precautionary principle to protect from the asymptomatic cause.

Social Distancing or Physical Distancing,

The primary step is given by all over the country by keeping distance in individual help in infection control to minimizing or slow the spreading of disease.

In the method of social distancing mainly involved the closing of schools, live in self-quarantine, travel restrictions, and also closed all workplaces, stadiums, shopping centers, etc.

Individuals restricted from close contact from others, stay at home, limit travel, avoid crowded areas, by using no-contact greetings, etc.

Older adults less immune system, those who have medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease, and heart disease, etc. can be at high risk of causing virus prominently says by CDC to stay home as much possible by such persons.

 At the end of the month, March 2020, WHO or other health bodies began replacing the term “social distancing” by introducing “physical distancing.”

The term social distancing means to people to stay in complete social isolation instead of encouraging them to stay with alternative means.

Few authorities also issue some guidelines about sexual health by clarify can maintain relation the only person live with and who do not experience symptoms of Covid-19.


Self-isolation recommends for those individuals who diagnose with Covid-19, especially at home, and suspects to be infectious.


Some health agencies also release proper health instructions took for use in self-isolation during infection.

The Governments took action against the virus as recommended self-quarantine persons who are in affected areas.

Strategies took by the Government:


The first strategy given to the control of the outbreak is containment at the start of the spreading virus amongst the population.

Its aims to trace and isolate people as well as give instruction about vaccinations and other measures of infection controls to stop spreading of the virus.


In either case not possible to contain the spreading of disease, the next strategy is to move to the mitigation stage.

This measures effects on slowing down the spreading of viruses and has an impact on the healthcare system and society.

The Government takes both steps of containment and mitigation simultaneously because is essential.


The Suppression requires more extreme measures to reverse the pandemic by reducing the first reproduction number to less than 1.

As part of managing the pandemic, we were focused on delay or minimizing epidemic or also trying flattening the epidemic curve.

The curve decreases chances in the risk of health services being uneasy, and this time it uses to discover vaccines and treatments.

The invention not related to pharmaceutical measures like wearing face masks may manage an outbreak Covid-19 full form as preventive measures.

Strategies implemented by other countries:

China has taken the most potent action on the outbreak by quarantine almost entire countries and imposed a strict ban on traveling.

Like China, other countries also introduce various measures to control the Covid-19 full form pandemic between the countries.

Korea gives an introduction of massive screening and localized quarantine, and made search and alerts on infected individuals.

Singapore provided financial support to those who infected, and self-quarantine imposed fines on them who fail to do so.

Taiwan increases the number of production of face masks in-country and penalizes the hoarding of medical material supplies.

Contact Tracing:

That is an essential method for the determination of infection of viruses and can take adequate steps for the prevention of transmission.

By using the location of mobile phones by the Government on the purpose to evaluate privacy concerns.

The government proposes several mobile apps for voluntary use, in dozens of experts working on this privacy-friendly solution by connecting Bluetooth.

The users of this application receive a message if he in contact with an infected person who has suspicious tested positive in Covid-19.

Later Google and Apple simultaneously announced contact tracing via Bluetooth Technology and Cryptography.

National level impact of an Outbreak Covid-19 full form:

All over almost 188 countries and regions had only one case of Covid-19, as because of the pandemic in Europe several restrictions made on free movements and set up on border controls.

In worldwide safety measures includes containment as like as quarantine and curfews restricted by the Government.

On 26 March, around 1.7 billion people were under lockdown which increases in the first week of April about to 3.9 billion of the population that means half of the population in the world.

What does Covid-19 Stands for ?

This virus spread throughout the world. The covid-19 full from contains:
Co – Corona
Vi – Virus
D – Disease
and the pandemic first observed in the year 2019.

Is the coronavirus disease a pandemic ?

The virus first found in China. Soon large number of people infected. After that WHO realized the Covid-19 not a usual virus is a pandemic. So it declared as Pandemic on 11 March 2020.

What is the official name of the Coronavirus Disease ?

The virus identify in November 2019. Latterly, it receives scientific name Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Is coronavirus a bacteria or virus ?

No, its not the corona is not a bacteria is a respiratory virus of 2019. It spreads through droplets of infected person whenever his coughing and sneezing.

Can coronavirus disease spread through food ?

No, there is not any sign still obesrved that the virus spreads through food. The virus spreads by infected person’s mouth droplets which was falls on ground surface and passes with the help of air.

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